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Cancer Treatment in India at Best Cancer Hospitals

Cancer Treatment at We Care’s Hospitals in India is individual patient focused. Our team on cancer doctors delivers the highest quality of oncology care supported by extensive research and technology tailor made for every cancer patient. The team of cancer surgeons, medical oncologists and radiation oncologists come together to decide on the treatment plan for every patient. The cancer treatment offered is affordable at low cost.

Types of Cancer and their Treatment

Cancer Treatment and Surgery in India


Cancer Treatment Facilitated by We Care India

We Care Health Services, worlds leading medical tourism company focused and based in India, is a trusted source of facilitation for cancer treatment and bone marrow transplant in India. We Care Health Services cancer specific and easy to used website assists you research and select the right service provider and doctor and arrange your medical treatment including travel, accommodation and seamless care at our partner hospitals in India. Having the industry’s most elaborate and exclusive Patient care and Clinical Care teams stationed at each partner hospital, we provide you smooth and seamless international patient services while you receive world class treatments at JCI / JCAHO / ISO accredited hospitals in India.

Why You should travel to India for Cancer Treatment

Why You should travel to India for Cancer Treatment
1 Access to Advanced Cancer Treatment – Cancer Treatment, either by radiotherapy, chemotherapy, combination of the two or other modalities offered in India is advanced with success rates matching the best in the world.
2 World Class Hospitals – JCI / JCAHO / ISO accredited partner hospitals are screened before empanelling and routinely checked. The hospitals maintain hygiene standards, 5 * rooms, advanced equipments and medical ethics matching and mostly exceeding the best in the world.
3 Experienced, Board certified Cancer Consultants - We Care is proud and privileged to have on board a panel of Board certified, and USA / UK / internationally experienced Eminent Cancer Consultants to help, answer the patients’ queries and offer cancer treatment.
4 Technology – We Care Health Services partner hospitals in India employ the latest technology available in the world. Latest Linear Accelerators, PET Scan, X Knife, Gamma Knife, Cyber Knife, advanced Chemotherapy drugs and other devices are employed. Dedicated Bone Marrow Transplant units with very senior cancer consultants are added advantage.
5 Affordable Cost – You get 60-85% savings on Cancer Treatment / Bone Marrow Transplant procedures than prevailing USA / UK rates, we even renegotiate with the hospitals / doctors to provide quotes matching the domestic rates..
6 Immediate, Private, Confidential - Once you submit your medical records (MRI reports / CT scan reports and doctors notes), We Care primarily assess and directly makes it accessible to the Cancer Consultants. A personal conversation is made with the Cancer consultants / Tumor board who gives his / their opinion with the suggested line of treatment and hence you get a medical quote within two to seven working days. No sooner you decide for the treatment, we book the hospital and all services with your schedule.
7 Tumor Board – We are proud to bring together Cancer Consultants specializing in different treatments. In cancer, sometimes, the medical condition of a patient can be approached with different modalities. Therefore, the super specialists in cancer treatment come together to discuss the patients’ case and arrive at the suggested line of treatment agreed by all. This is called “Tumor Board”. Tumor board is approached for all complex cancer cases that comes together once a week.
8 Testimonials – As a patient you are encouraged to view the testimonials of the patients who have undergone cancer treatment in India. As you decide to travel to India cancer treatment, you may contact any patient who has first hand experience.
9 We Care Services – Searching for, deciding and undergoing cancer treatment in another country can be a huge task. With a team of We Care doctors assessing your medical condition, personal relationship with partner hospitals and cancer consultants and the industry’s most elaborate and exclusive Patient Care and Clinical Coordination teams stationed at each partner hospital, you get the smoothest and seamless care ever imagined.

What We Care Brings to You

  • 25 healthcare service providers in 12 cities in India
  • 150 + operation theatres
  • 1500 + ICU units
  • 10,500 + beds
  • 2500+ Doctors - most of them USA / UK Board certified
  • First name relationship with Doctors and Management staff
  • We Care Team stationed at each partner hospital for your care
  • We Care owned Star grade Guest House’s in each city
  • Travel Agency partners in your country for convenient Air Travel
  • Medical Visa Assistance for quick travel to India

Snapshot of Service Offerings

As we are based in India with 25 years of experience to our concern, You Get:
  • Access to Eminent USA / UK, Internationally experienced doctors and surgeons at JCI / ISO accredited hospitals.
  • Choice of city and hospital with complete details and feedback from previous patients treated by the chosen consultant.
  • Conference call with the chosen consultant.
  • 60 – 85 % savings on major medical procedures as compared to typical USA / UK hospitals.
  • Personally negotiated price.
  • International Patient Services from We Care Health Services – Complimentary.
  • Comprehensive Medical quote and Hospitality quote including We Care owned Guest houses, Star Hotels, Air Bookings.
  • Comprehensive Cancer Treatment medical tourism portal.
  • Smooth and Seamless communication and coordination
  • Privacy of medical records and communication

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