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Brain surgery for abnormal blood vessels
Endoscopic Brain surgery
Brain Tumor surgery
Brain Surgery for Epilepsy
Brain Surgery for clot removal
Remodelling of skull for correcting birth skull defect
Medical & Surgical treatment for Stroke
Neuro-muscular disorders
Stroke clinic
Inter-vertebral & Movement Disorder
Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery
Endoscopic Spine Surgery. Microscopic lumbar discectomy / decompression.
Thoracoscopic surgery for spinal deformity
Management of Slipped disc in the neck or lower back
Microscopic lumbar disectomy or decompression
Microscopic anterior cervical decompression
Minimally invasive anterior spinal fusion and instrumentation
Correction of Spinal, Thoracoscopic deformities
Posterior correction of scoliosis or kyphosis with instrumentation
Corrective surgery for Degenerative Disc disease - Minimally Invasive-spinal    fusion and instrumentation, Total disc replacement surgery

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