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Many people still have many misconceptions about a test tube baby. Some feel that the baby is "artificial?! However, we cannot manufacture synthetic babies in the lab! Basically, in a test tube baby treatment, we try to assist nature. This means that we do in the lab what should normally happen in the bedroom (but is not happening because of a medical problem, such as blocked tubes, as a result of which the couple is infertile).

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This treatment does not adversely affect a woman's health - or the health of the baby. Many women are concerned that the hormonal injections they will need to take will make them fat. This is a myth - these are the same natural hormones the body normally produces - we give them as injections in order to help the woman to grow more eggs. This treatment does not cause a woman to run out of eggs any sooner either! Every month, 40 eggs start to grow, of which 39 die and only 1 matures. In IVF treatment, the hormonal injections rescue the eggs, which would have died in the normal course.

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