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Obesity Surgery in India for Gastric Bypass, Sleeve Gastrectomy , Lap Band Surgery Surrogacy in India for Surrogate Mother at Low Cost Ethical Surrogacy Clinics in India
Obesity Surgery in India for Gastric Bypass, Sleeve Gastrectomy , Lap Band Surgery
Treatment and Surgery in India Cost and Procedure Medical Quote Welcome to America’s favorite Medical tourism India website. Neurosurgery, Brain Surgery, Epilepsy Surgery, Brain Tumor Surgery in India
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Cosmetic Surgery in India at Low Cost by Board Certified Cosmetic Surgeons, Hair Transplant
Hospitals, Doctors, Surgeons in India at Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore and Hyderabad
Hospitals in India at Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Bangalore and Hyderabad Search hospitals by speciality, city and accieditation
Patient and Visitor Guide to Medical tourism in India Patient and visitor guideline to travel to india
Surgeons and Doctors with Experience and Board Certified in USA., UK., Canada and Australia Meet internationally experienced doctors in India
Surgery and Treatment in India Cost for Medical tourism Patients Find your treatment and its cost in India
Vascular Surgery, Peripheral Bypass Surgery, Pulmonary Endarterectomy, Aortis Aneurysm Repair
India Hospital Welcomes to Apollo Hospital India Hospital India welcomes to Apollo Hospital Delhi India We are the only professional International Patient Facilitation    company representing all the JCI / ISO Accredited Hospitals in India. The accreditation ensures the adherence to the strictest medical, para medical & overall norms...Hospital India by We Care India Surgery and Treatment in India Hospital India JCI accredited for America, UK, Canadian and African patients Medical tourism India for Surgery and Treatment in India India is the most preferred surgery & treatment destination due to major factors. India's Private Tertiary Hospitals with UK / USA & Canada Board Certified Surgeons & world´s latest equipments offer surgery at 10-20% cost of a similar USA hospital…Surgery in India at Low Cost by Board Certified Surgeons
Cost Surgery and Treatment in India Cost Savings by Medical tourism Surgery and Treatment in India It´s simply amazing.. You get treated in a 5 star hospital, nursed by most caring nurses, operated by board certified surgeons, immediately, without any waitlist, travel by international airline, facilitated by We Care and still save 80-90% of your cost..Low Cost, No Waitlist Surgery in India by UK., USA., Australia, Canada trained surgeons   Medical tourism Recuperation Tour and Travel in India Medical tourism Rejuvenation Holidays and Travel in India Your entire experience of treatment and surgery in India is seamlessly coordinated by We Care. From medical quote, appointment confirmation, personalized patient services in India to your return and follow up with local physician is smoothly facilitated..Medical tourism Vacations Taj Mahal Visit India
Minimally Invasive Surgery, Robotic Surgery, Laparoscopic Surgery in India
Medical tourism cost packages for IVF Treatment, Surrogate Mother and Surgery in India
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Minimally Invasive Surgery, Robotic Surgery, Laparoscopic Surgery in India
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Knee, Hip Replacement Surgery in India
Knee, Hip Replacement Surgery in India Testimonials
Treatment and Surgery in India Cost and Procedure Medical Quote

Stephine Joseph’s world was turned upside down when she was diagnosed with joint replacement surgery...
Hip, Knee Replacement Surgery in India Testimonials



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Neurosurgery, Brain Surgery, Epilepsy Surgery, Brain Tumor Surgery in India

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Neurosurgery, Heart surgery, Brain Surgery , Brain Tumor Surgery in India

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IVF treatment, ICSI in India at Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore Clinics

  Hip Replacement Joint Replacement Surgery in India at Low Cost
Welcome to India Hospital Tour, the Medical Tourism portal for World Class Treatment and Surgery by We Care Health Services, India.

We Care Health Services provides treatment and surgery to international patients at JCI / ISO Internationally accredited hospitals in India. The partner hospitals of We Care are located in major cities of India including New Delhi, Gurgaon, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore and Hyderabad. The advanced and world class treatments offered at low cost all inclusive price packages are performed by USA / Europe trained and board certified doctors and surgeons. The partner hospitals in India include Apollo Hospital Bangalore, Apollo Hospital Chennai, Apollo Specialty Cancer Hospital Chennai, Apollo Hospital Hyderabad, Indraprastha Apollo Hospital New Delhi, Sagar Hospital Bangalore, Max Hospital Delhi, Max Heart and Vascular Institute Delhi, Fortis Hospital Delhi, Fortis Hospital Noida, Wockhardt Hospital Mumbai, Wockhardt Hospital Bangalore, Artemis Hospital Gurgaon, Escorts Heart Institute Hospital Delhi, MIOT Hospital Chennai, Narayana Heart Hospital Bangalore, Narayana Cancer Hospital Bangalore, BGS Global Hospitals Bangalore and many more..

The surgery and medical treatments offered by We Care Health Services at JCI Accredited / ISO Certified Hospitals are vast and varied; ranging from Heart Surgery in India, Cardiology to Cardio Thoracic surgery, Open Heart Surgery, ASD / VSD Surgery, Valve Repair / Replacement Surgery, Total Knee / Hip / Ankle / Shoulder Joint Replacement Surgery in India including ACL reconstruction Surgery to Birmingham Hip Resurfacing Surgery in India, Spine Surgery in India like Discectomy / Laminectomy Surgery, Scoliosis Surgery, Cervical Decompression to Anterior / Posterior Spinal Fusion Surgery in India, Disc Replacement in India, Chemotherapy, Radiotherapy, Cancer surgery, Sterotactic Radiotherapy, Cyberknife Radiotherapy, Autologous / Allogenic Bone Marrow Transplant Surgery to Breast Cancer treatments, Near relative Kidney Transplant Surgery to Dialysis and Kidney Biopsy, Low Cost Liver Transplant Surgery in India, Hysterectomy (Vaginal / Abdominal) to Ovarian Cystectomy, Hernia repair Surgery to Cholecystectomy, Penis Enlargement Surgery, Advanced Neurosurgery in India, Bariatric surgery, Gastric Bypass Surgery in India, Eye Surgery in India, Cornea Transplant, Cataract Surgery to LASIK Eye care Surgery, IVF Treatment, ICSI, Egg Donor to Surrogacy, Minimally Invasive surgery or Laparoscopic Surgery to Cochlear Implants, Vascular Surgery to Prostate Surgery (PCNL), Pediatric Surgery, Breast Lift / Tummy Tuck, Face Lift to Low Cost Rhinoplasty Cosmetic Surgery, Unwanted female Hair removal, Acne, Vitiligo, Psoriasis to Mole, Stretch Mark Laser Surgery in India, Dental Implants, Dentures, Crowns to Aesthetic Dentistry, MRI / X-Ray to PET and CT Scan diagnostic services at partner world-class super / multi specialty Hospitals in India offering first world treatments with board certified highly qualified medical consultants in attendance at third world prices..

Heart Surgery in India for Open Heart Surgery, ASD, VSD, Heart Bypass Surgery at Low Cost

Hip Replacement Joint Replacement Surgery in India at Low Cost
Medical tourism, also termed as medical travel, health travel, Health Tourism, Global Healthcare, Medical Vacation, Medical Value Travel, Medical Treatment Abroad, Surgical Tourism, Surgery Abroad, is a term that has risen from the rapid growth of international healthcare where people from all around the world are traveling to other countries to obtain general medical surgery, cosmetic plastic surgery and dental surgery at a fraction of the cost of healthcare in their home country. And, while abroad, if physical conditions permit, patients can experience the interesting cultural attractions their destination country offers. Surgery Abroad is quickly becoming a safe and viable option to healthcare in the United States, Canada, Europe and Africa.

India has emerged as the world´s favourite Medical Tourism Destination for many reasons : -

  • Exorbitant healthcare costs in industrialized nations.
  • Long waiting lists for surgery in countries offering socialized healthcare.
  • Ease and affordability of international traveling.
  • Favorable currency exchange rates in India resulting in low cost surgery.
  • Rapidly improving technology and standards of care in many world class hospitals in India.
  • Proven safety of healthcare in India.
  • International accreditation of hospital in India.
  • U.S., U.K., Canadian and Australian board certified surgeons operating in India.

More and more people are seeking the expertise of medical tourism companies to travel abroad as an affordable, enjoyable, and safe alternative to having medical, dental, and cosmetic surgical procedures done in their home countries.

Here are the most common terms used to describe this relatively new industry : -

             Medical Tourism             Surgical Tourism             Medical Travel             Health Tourism

It has been mentioned that overseas healthcare, sometimes referred to as medical tourism, medical travel, health tourism, or surgical tourism is expected to become a multi-billion dollar industry by 2012. Whether you call it medical tourism, medical travel, health tourism, surgical tourism or medical outsourcing, the concept is the same. It appears as though this concept of traveling abroad to receive health care is going to become a viable option for many years to come.

             Medical Tourism             Surgical Tourism             Medical Travel             Health Tourism

Although "medical tourism" has been the descriptor for this new emerging industry, it is important to know that We Care India has a different philosophy on the concept of traveling abroad to receive your surgery. We understand the seriousness of receiving high quality medical care and then allowing your body to recuperate from the surgery. No Unfulfilling promises.. No marketing talks. The tourism part of the process is viewed as the least important factor and should only be considered once you are fully recuperated.

             Medical Tourism             Surgical Tourism             Medical Travel             Health Tourism

Many companies are using the term "medical tourism" as a motivator to attract clients into this new emerging concept of overseas medical care, we do not. to effectively become the leader in providing healthcare abroad, our emphasis is placed on the efficacy of our hospital partners regardless of the physical location of their facility. In this respect, we remain the leader of facilitating global healthcare in India in a safe and affordable manner.

             Medical Tourism             Surgical Tourism             Medical Travel             Health Tourism

A word of caution: Be very careful if attempting to plan your own international medical travel program. There are many issues that are not apparent to the first time medical tourist. One small oversight can be the difference between a successful and unsuccessful surgery or treatment abroad. By working with a full service medical tourism company like We Care India, you will greatly reduce the possibilities of something going wrong. Take this process of health tourism very seriously. After all, it's your healthcare and your life at risk.

to receive a complimentary quotation for your individualized medical tourism package, simply complete the Get a Quote form to have access to one of our Medical Tourism Managers who will guide you through the entire process.

Liver Transplant in India at Affordable Cost offered immediately

Major Treatments and Surgery at Affordable Cost in India

Cancer Treatment is offered in India at low cost including Bone Marrow Transplant, Radiotherapy, Steriotactic Radiosurgery, Cyberknife Radiosurgery, Chemotherapy, Cancer Tumor Surgery, Brachytherapy, Neo-Adjuvant Therapy and more advanced treatments..

Cosmetic Surgery is performed in India by board certified cosmetic surgeons ranging from Tummy Tuck, Abdominoplasty to Arm / Brow / Face / Thigh / Breast Lift, Breast Enlargement / Reduction to Hair Transplant, Gynaecomastia, Liposuction to Penis Enlargement, Vaginoplasty to Cosmetic Ear / Eye Surgery and more cosmetic surgeries in India..

Orthopedic Surgery offered in India at low cost all inclusive price packages are vast and varied; ranging from Hip Replacement , Computer Assisted Hip Replacement Surgery, Cemented / Cementless Hip Replacement to Acetabular Fixation, Total Hip Replacement, Minimally Invasive Hip Replacement to Hip Resurfacing Surgery in India, Birmingham Hip Resurfacing, Birmingham Hip Resurfacing with Mid Head Resection to Birmingham Hip Resurfacing with Stem, Hip Resurfacing with Computer Navigation, Minimally Invasive Hip Resurfacing to Knee Replacement in India, Bilateral Knee Replacement in India, Partial / Total Knee Replacement to Minimally Invasive Knee Replacement, Computer Assisted Knee Replacement to Revision Knee Replacement Surgery in India to Knee Arthroscopy in India, ACL Reconstruction, Arthroscopic Menisectomy to High Tibial Osteotomy, PCL Reconstruction to Shoulder Replacement, Elbow Replacement, Sports Injury Surgery and more corthopedic surgeries in India..

Dental Treatment in India at low cost offered immediately ranging from Dental Implants, Cosmetic Dentistry, Full mouth Rehabilitation to Braces, Smile Designing to Laser Dentistry, Empress, Inlay and Onlays, Polishing, Scaling to Root Canal Treatment, Dentures, Porcelain Crowns and more Dental Treatments..

Ear, Nose and Throat Surgery (ENT Surgery) in India at affordable cost packages from Sinus Surgery, Cochelar Implant, Stapedectomy to Laryngectomy, Ear Drum Repair Surgery, Gommet Removal / Insertion to Tonsillectomy to Bronchoscopy, Myringotomy, Nasal Polyp Removal Surgery and more at amazingly affordable prices.

Eye Surgery (Ophthalmology Surgery) in India offered immediately with no waitlist as per patient´s schedule are vast and varied; ranging from Cornea Transplant, Cataract Surgery, Phacoemulsification, IOL Lens Implant Surgery, Extracapsular Cataract Surgery to Small Incision Cataract Surgery, Referactive Errors Surgery to LASIK Eye Surgery, Laser Eye Surgery, Yag Laser LASIK Surgery to Wavefront LASIK Surgery to Glaucoma Surgery, Vitrectomy, INTACS, Eye Muscle Surgery, Squint Surgery to Occuloplasty, Retina Surgery, Ptosis Correction Surgery and more advanced eye treatments at Eye Hospitals and Eye Centres in India..

IVF, Egg Donor and Surrogacy Infertility Treatments in India with Ethical Fertility Clinics offering IVF treatment, ICSI Treatment, IUI to Ovulation Induction and Advanced Infertility Treatments like ZIFT, PROST, GIFT etc. to Egg Donor in India, Educated, Healthy Surrogacy Services with Surrogate Mother, Embryo Donation, Egg Freezing / Cryopreservation to IVF for Single Woman, Surrogacy for Gay and Lesbian couples, Male Fertility treatments for low / no sperm count to Vasectomy Reversal Surgery, Tubal Ligation Reversal Surgery to Genetic Infertility Treatments like Karyotying, PGD, FISH, Genetic Counseling to Infertility Surgery in India , Fibroid Removal Surgery, Myomectomy Surgery, Operative Laparoscopy, Hysteroscopy, Laparoscopic Vaginal Hysterectomy to Laparoscopic supra cervical Hysterectomy, Total Laparoscopic Hysterectomy to Laparoscopic Tubal Ligation, Uterus Surgery at world class Infertility treatment clinics in India.

Gastroenterology Surgery in India by USA / Europe trained surgeons are vast and varied; ranging from Hernia Repair Surgery, Hiatus Hernia Surgery, ERCP to Gall Bladder Surgery, Liver Surgery, Pile Surgery, Pancreas Surgery to Splenectomy, Intestinal Resection, Esophagus Surgery to Bile Duct Surgery, Biliary Tract Surgery, Appendix Surgery, Appendectomy to Ulcer Treatment, Stone Removal Surgery in India at affordable prices...

General Surgery in India at Low Cost at world class hospitals in India are vast and varied; ranging from Varicose Vein Surgery, Colorectal Surgery, Cholecystectomy to Breast Biopsy, Excision, Inlingual Hernia Surgery, Femoral Hernia Surgery to Hydrocele Surgery, Kidney Surgery and more general surgery in India.

Health Screening and Check up in India at most advanced health screening centres for International Health Screening, MRI, Cardiac CT scan, Cardiac Screening, Spine Screening and Eye Screening, Dental Screening, Mammography, Rejuvenative packages and Day Spa and Spa services in India offered in One day packages at amazingly low packages in Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore and Hyderabad.

Heart Surgery in India are vast and varied; ranging from Cardiology Procedures like Angioplasty, Coronary Stenting, Drug Eluting Coronary Stenting to Valvuloplasty, Valve Replecement, Valve Repair, ASD / VSD/ PDA Closure Device to Pacemaker / ICD, R F Ablation to Cardio Thoracic Surgery like Open Heart Surgery, CABG, Coronary Bypass Surgery to Robotic Heart Surgery, Minimally Invasive Heart Surgery to ASD, VSD, AVR, MVR, DVR, Cardiac Tumor Surgery, Heart Transplant to Peripheral Vascular Surgery to Pediatric and Congenital Heart Surgery, TOF, TAPVC, AVR, ASD, VSD, PDA Heart surgery in India.

Laser Skin and Hair Treatment are offered in India from Brown and Age Spot Removal, Facial Rejuvenation, Facial Vein Removal and Rosacea, Permanent Hair Removal to Laser Acne Removal, Laser Birthmark Removal to Scar and Stretch Mark Removal, Wart Removal and many more..

Male Surgery including Circumcision, Hydrocele Operation, Penis Frenuloplasty, Vasectomy, Prostatectomy, Vasectomy Reversal Surgery are performed in India at world class hospitals at low cost..

Minimally Invasive Surgery or Laparoscopic Surgery offered in India by Internationally Trained surgeons with latest equipments are vast and varied; ranging from Laparoscopic Appendectomy, Laparoscopic Splenectomy, Laparoscopic Hernia Repair Surgery to Laparoscopic Liver Biopsy, Laparoscopic Anal Fissure / Fistula Surgery, Laparoscopic Gastroscopy to Laparoscopic Thyroidectomy, Laparoscopic Gall Bladder Removal, Laparoscopic Brachioplasty to Laparoscopic Gastric Bypass, Laparoscopic Gastric Banding to Laparoscopic Gallstones surgery, Laparoscopic Appendix Surgery and many more Minimally invasive surgeries in India..

Nephrology (Kidney) Surgery are performed by world class surgeons are vast and varied; ranging from Near Relative Kidney Transplant Surgery, Renal Failure Treatment, Renal Insufficiency Treatment to Nephrotic Syndrome Treatment, Bladder Outlet Incision Surgery, Kidney Removal Surgery to Kidney Stone Removal Surgery, Retrograde Pyelogram Surgery, Urethroscopy Surgery in India at low cost..

Neurosurgery in India by experienced Neurosurgeons at JCI / ISO accredited hospitals in India are vast and varied; ranging from Brain Tumor Surgery, Cerebral Aneurysm Surgery , Carotid Endarterectomy, Cerebral Angioplasty to Surgical Clipping, Endovascular Coiling to Epilepsy Treatment , Temporal Lobectomy, Lesionectomy, Hemispherectomy, Corpus Callosotomy, Vagus Nerve Stimulation, Multiple Subpial Transections to Trigeminal Neuralgia Treatment including Gammaknife Radiosurgery, Radiofrequency Electrocoagulation, Glycerol Injection, Balloon Microcompression to Parkinson´s Disease Treatment in India including Deep Brain Stimulation, Palliodotomy, Thalamotomy, Hydrocephalous Treatment, Shunt Surgery to Ventriculosotomy Surgery in India, Skull Base Surgery, Sleep Disorder / Apnea Treatment, Restless Leg Syndrome Treatment to Narcolepsy, Headache - Sinus / Tension/ Migraine / Cluster Surgery offered immediately with no waitlist..

Obesity Surgery in India are performed by Bariatric Surgeons at Ultra Modern Medical Facilities are vast and varied; ranging from Gastric Bypass Surgery, Gastric Lap Band Surgery, Sleeve Gastrectomy to Endoscopic Intragastric Balloon Surgery, Laparoscopic Biliopancreatic Diversion to Duodenal Switch Bariatric Surgery with amazing results at affordable all inclusive price packages..

Organ Transplant is available at hospitals in India for Liver Transplant , Near Relative Kidney Transplant, Bone Marrow Transplant , Cord Blood Cell Transplant, Heart Transplant, Cornea Transplant by USA / Europe Experienced Transplant Surgeons at 25% cost of Surgery as compared to USA / Europe.

Pediatric Surgery in India is offered by dedicated pediatric surgeons ranging from Neonatal Surgery, General Pediatric Surgery, Pediatric Tumor Surgery to Trauma Surgery, Laparoscopic Pediatric Surgery, Pediatric Cardiothoracic Surgery and Pediatric Non Cardiothoracic Surgery offered immediately at low cost packages..

Medical Surgical Rehabilitation is also available in India including treatment for Cardiac Rehabilitation, Gynecology Rehabilitation, Neurological Rehabilitation to Orthopedic Rehabilitation, Pediatric Rehabilitation, Post Surgical Rehabilitation, Sports Rehabilitation and Physiotherapy services at dedicated Rehabilitation centres.

Spine Surgery offered in India for various Spine Conditions is vast and varied; ranging from Back Pain, Neck Pain, Degenerative Disc Disease, Herniated Disc to Kyphosis, Sciatica, Scoliosis, Spinal Stenosis to Spinal Tumor Surgery, Spondylosis, Spondylolisthesis, Whiplash and Children´s Spine Surgery offering Spine Surgery including Discectomy, Corpectomy, Kyphoplasty, Laminoplasty to Total Disc Replacement, Artificial Disc Replacement, Laminectomy to Micro-Discectomy, Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery to Posterior Cervical Discectomy, Revision Spine Surgery, Spinal Fusion Surgery to Vertebroplasty, Laser Spine Surgery, DIAM Spine Stabilisation system to X Stop Surgery, Ozone Spine Treatment offered for Lumbar, Cervical and Thoracic region of Spine / Back Surgery in India by dedicated Spine Surgeons..

Stem Cell Therapy in India is offered at state of the art Stem Cell Therapy Centres in India for Parkinson´s Disease, Avascular Necrosis, Psoriasis, Spinal Cord Injury and Motor Neuron Disease, Vitiligo, Critical Limb Ischemia and End Stage Liver Disease and other diseases offered on experimental stages..

Urology and Uro-Surgery available in India by Expert Uro-Surgeons are vast and varied; ranging from Cystoscopy, Ureteroscopy, Inlingual Hernia Surgery to Lithotripsy, Nephrostomy, PCNL Surgery to Radical Nephrectomy / Prostatectomy, TTotal Cystectomy to TURBT, TURP Surgery, Vasicovaginal Fistula Surgery and more at JCI / ISO accredited hospitals in India.

Vascular Surgery in India offered by We Care Health Services are performed by highly experienced vascular surgeons for surgeries ranging from Peripheral Vascular Surgery, Pulmonary Endarterectomy, Peripheral Bypass Surgery, Aortic Aneurysm Repair to Aneurysmectomy, Balloon Angioplasty, Stent Surgery to Arterial bypass surgery, Carotid Endarterectomy, Stent Placement Surgery to Varicose Vein Surgery, Varicose Vein Laser Surgery, Trivex Varicose Vein Treatment to Radiofrequency occlusion, Sclerotherapy, Compression Stockings, Thrombolytic Therapy to Vein Ablation Surgery, Vein Stripping Surgery in India at all inclusive cost packages.

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