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Patient finding if his/her treatment can be funded by the Insurance company and how?

Insurance Company

We Care has a wide network of service Super Specialist doctors and world class hospitals across India. We are deploy professional teams of Patient Care and Clinical Care Executives across our partner hospitals and clinics to provide 'Flight to Flight' international patient facilitation services to the patients from your country.

We Care is proud to be associated with a few insurance companies and individual government offices of a few countries to officially facilitate their patients in India. The testimonials of these companies and government officials are available on request.

We can offer your insurance company our facilitation services in India for all specialties in major cities in India on a virtually 'complimentary basis'. This is because we work on behalf of our partner hospitals and they have realised the need for our one to one facilitation services for international patients which is practically impossible for them.

If you are an official from a health, travel or general insurance company finding out on the medical services in India, standards of hospitals and how we can faciliatate your patients in India, our CEO invites you to directly communicate with him and he would assist you in all the ways possible. Kindly email him on his personal email address at pankaj.nagpal@wecareindia.com

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Medical Tourism to India has grown over the years, as people all over the world gain greater awareness of the world-class standards of health care available in India, at very reasonable prices. Complex procedures, such as cardiac surgery and cosmetic surgery, cost much less than similar procedures in hospitals in the US, UK and the Middle East. Faced by expensive bills and long waiting lists, patients worldwide have begun to look towards India as a medical treatment destination.

While alternative treatment like Ayurveda therapy has attracted patients for some while now, conventional medical treatment, ranging from medical checkups to complex surgical procedures in leading hospitals in India, has attracted many medical tourists in recent times.

Since Medical Tourism in India is a recent phenomenon, certain aspects concerning insurance and legal aspects of treatment need to be kept in mind.

If you'd like to travel to India for medical treatment, and need to verify if your insurance provider will cover your bills, just send us a query in the form or Get a quote form. We will verify whether direct insurance cover, or a third party insurance cover, can be provided in your case.

Medical tourists can also check with their insurance provider whether treatment at an internationally recognized hospital in India is covered by their policy. If not, the patient will have to bear the expense of their treatment. The cost of treatment will however be much less than the equivalent treatment in a hospital in the West.

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Legal Issues:

A prospective medical tourist should also be aware of possible legal issues. There is presently no international legal regulation of medical tourism. All medical procedures have an element of risk. The issue of legal recourse for unsatisfactory treatment across international boundaries is a legally undefined issue at present.

Medical Visa:

The Indian Government has started issuing a Medical Visa for tourists who come to India for medical treatment. This visa is valid for a year or the period of treatment, whichever is less, and can be extended by another year. The medical visa enables a tourist to travel to India up to three times in one year. Two family members or attendants can also accompany a patient on a medical visa. Based on the Indian Embassy's assessment of the patients needs, family members or attendants can be granted a visa, in association with the patient's medical visa. Know More.

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For more information, medical assessment and medical quote
send your detailed medical history and medical reports
as email attachment to
Em@il : - info@wecareindia.com
Call: +91 9029304141 (10 am. To 8 pm. IST)
(Only for international patients seeking treatment in India)
You are here : Home / Insurance
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