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Complete Surgery and major treatment management of your employees
The open economy of today coupled with stricter consumer laws are increasingly creating new cost pressures on every company, large or small. And the medical risks that pose our generation are taking a toll on the bottom-line.

To make matters worse, these expenses are rising dramatically each year, with no end in sight.

More and more U.S. companies, and those throughout the world, are now taking advantage of a global health care option: Seeking quality medical care in other countries, such as India, which offer top-notch physicians, services and facilities at a fraction of the cost. In fact, you can reduce your hospital-related health care benefit expenses by 25-50% per year or more.

What's more, employees are also buying into the notion that quality care at an affordable price can benefit both their company and themselves.

Contact us to learn more about a tested, global health care option. We Care Health Services is experienced in assisting companies of every size in evaluating health needs to determine if a global care option is right for them.

We Care Health Services consultants can help you not only determine your probable savings, but assist with important human resource and legal issues to make the task of offering a global care option available.

Our established relationships with India's leading medical centers of excellence offer a variety of health care choices and we can also offer expert advice through our international legal partners.

To find out more, please mail us at pankaj.nagpal@wecareindia.com and our International Corporate program manager from the CEO's office will be in touch with you.

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You are here : Home / Corporates
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