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Gestational Surrogacy [with eggs of female intended parent]

Who should be treated with gestational surrogacy?

  • If you have a medical issue that you cannot carry pregnancy but still has ovaries
  • Using your own eggs and in vitro fertilization technology, IVF, she can utilize a surrogate mother to carry the pregnancy (your own genetic child).
  • A surrogate is also sometimes used for cases where a young woman has a medical condition that could result in serious health risks to the mother or the baby.
  • It is also done sometimes in couples with recurrent IVF implantation failure.

How is gestational surrogacy performed?

  1. An appropriate surrogate is chosen and thoroughly screened.
  2. Consents are signed by all parties. This is an important step in surrogacy cases. All potential issues need to be carefully clarified, put in writing and signed.
  3. The patient is stimulated for IVF with medications to develop multiple eggs.
  4. The surrogate is placed on medications that suppress her own menstrual cycle and stimulate development of a receptive uterine lining.
  5. When the patient's follicles are mature, an egg retrieval procedure is performed to remove eggs from her ovaries.
  6. The eggs are fertilized in the laboratory with her partner's sperm.
  7. The embryos develop in the laboratory for 2-5 days.
  8. Then, an embryo transfer procedure is done which places the embryos in the surrogate mother's uterus where they will hopefully implant.
  9. The surrogate delivers the baby.
  10. The baby goes home from the hospital with the "genetic parents".


You will need to confirm 6 weeks prior to coming to India and you will need to stay in India for 2-3 weeks in total for your medication and egg pick up / embryo transfer in the surrogate. 14-15 days after the embryo transfer, a blood test will be performed on the surrogate to determine the success. A copy of the test will be emailed to you.

Pregnancy rates:

  • Success rates for surrogacy IVF procedures vary considerably.
  • The age of the woman providing the eggs is one critical factor.
  • In general, pregnancy rates are higher than with eggs from infertile women.
  • Our programs are reporting delivery rates of over 50% per transfer for gestational surrogacy cases (using eggs from women under about age 37)

We Care India Surrogacy Package Cost: 22,000 to 25,000 US Dollars

The Surrogacy package price estimate above, covers doctor fees, legal fees, surrogate work up, antenatal care, delivery charges, surrogate compensation, egg donor, drugs and consumables, & IVF costs} Refer to PDF document at the bottom of the page for details.

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